Is There Any Pain During Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplant : In order to prevent you from feeling pain during the work to be applied, a numbing injection is applied to the area where the transplant will be performed. In this way, the head structure is prevented from feeling the channels that the micro needles will open. By using the FUE technique, it is possible to have hair transplanted without pain. In FUT, which is the older technique, it is possible to have such pain during Hair Transplantation. Considering the intense demands from people, surgeons and people who want to have hair transplantation, it is seen that the success rate is higher.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
Hair Transplant in Turkey

It is possible to transplant up to 12.000 hair follicles per day. In such operations, it is important to ensure the comfort of the patient and to make a good analysis before the operation. Then it is necessary to apply the operations and start the processes such as pre-sowing. It is very unlikely that you will feel pain other than a small injection to start local anesthesia. The hair operation will be completed during the operation for a few hours without pain and pain.

Is there any pain during hair transplantation?

Female (FPH) are the medical names for hair loss defined as male (MPH). One of the main factors in the formation of these problems can be called the use of various drugs. We can write down certain factors such as the intake of unhealthy and harmful foods and beverages, thyroid disorder and imbalance in hormones. As a result of these problems, dandruff, weak and thin structure of the hair, hair breakage, various problems on the scalp, oiling problem, rapid shedding problems can occur even with a light touch.

By using the Fue hair transplant technique, you can see with your own eyes that your hair is at a better level than before in a few months by replacing the hair follicles that will be taken from you by our expert surgeons in our sterile operating room environment. We know what all these stages are and what processes will be applied. Our institution will provide you with what hair density may be and all costs. We would like you to know that we are ready to tell you in detail after the necessary analysis and examinations are made.

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