Causes of Hair Loss?

Let’s listen to the experts without going into the causes of hair loss. According to experts, hair loss of more than 100 hairs per day is considered hair loss. With timely intervention, hair loss can be prevented in a short time. This situation causes great problems for both men and women. It is necessary to determine the right treatment methods in the problem of hair loss, which must be treated absolutely. For this, extensive research should be done. After determining the cause, it can be ensured that the patient has healthy hair with more or less obvious treatment methods.

The causes of hair loss vary depending on the person, age, gender and many other factors. The most common of these reasons are listed below.

Causes of hair loss and solutions

Hair Loss
Hair Loss
    • Physical and emotional stress: Physical stress, which is one of the main causes of hair loss, is a state of stress that occurs as a result of any accident, surgery or illness. Hair loss problem is more common in those who experience emotional stress.
    • Pregnancy: Occurs in women. This is an important article about the causes of hair loss. Hair loss occurs during pregnancy. It occurs when the baby shares the vitamins taken by the mother and causes more shedding after the actual birth.
    • Cases of taking too much vitamin A or missing vitamin B: Hair is directly related to the person’s nutrition. In cases where vitamin A is taken too much or vitamin B is taken less, hair loss may occur.
    • Anemia: Anemia due to iron deficiency, which is common in most women between the ages of 20-50, can be treated with simple iron drugs and hair can be regrowth.
    • Protein deficiency: In case of lack of protein, which has an important place for the body, hair loss may occur. In order to solve this problem, foods such as meat, milk, cheese and yogurt with high protein content can be taken.
    • Age-related hair loss: It is very likely to occur after the age of 60 in both men and women. Hair loss is caused by advancing age and the resulting imbalance of hormones.
    • One of the causes of hair loss is chemotherapy. Hair loss occurs during chemotherapy, which is applied as an adjunctive treatment in the treatment of some diseases.
    • Some drugs: The blood thinning feature of aspirin and its derivatives is the cause of shedding. In addition, the ability to disrupt the hormone balance in the drugs used constantly causes hair loss.
    • Genes: There are genetic hair loss problems, especially in men. Although this is rare, it is also seen in women.

Last words

Hair loss may occur due to one or more reasons. It is very important to analyze these reasons well. With the correct determination of the cause, it is possible to prevent hair loss. We tried to give information about the causes of hair loss.

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